You can feel the heat in the air…summer is fast approaching, and we are experiencing our first heat wave of the year here in CT. For this post I thought it would be a good idea to define my idea of how bipolar disorder relates to the four seasons. These symptoms that you or I feel do not mean that they have to happen during the actual yearly season, but just occur as your bipolar mind changes from year to year, month to month, or day to day.   

Spring: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Mood is improving

Energy levels going up

Things appear to be brighter

The dark cloud is lifting

Summer: Hot Manic Nights

Difficulty sleeping, mind races

Sleep patterns are all over the place

Elevated mood

Body can’t keep up with mind

Keep a look out for a severe manic episode

Fall: Mood Is Changing Colors

Mood drops

Heart grows colder

Energy levels dipping

Mind slowing down

Sleep increasing
Winter: Winter Blues

Black clouds move in

Mind is slow

Excitement is gone

Hope is lost

Basic tasks become major chores

Sometimes my moods bounce back and forth within a day, or week. Other times my cycles take longer to go through. I know they are something I will always have to deal with, and I am doing my best to manage them. How are you handling your changing moods? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

My mood disorders started when I was young, but I wasn’t
diagnosed with Social Phobia until I was twenty-three, and Bipolar I at the age
of twenty-eight. My life has had many bad years, but through it all, God has
always allowed me to keep the faith. I will thank the Lord always and

Just the other day I went into my local Wal-Mart and picked up a
copy of Michael Jackson’s Bad25 CD. It’s the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Bad
album that was originally released in 1987. Little did I know that Bad25
would again inspire me to examine my life by looking at the man in the

I can’t believe how fast twenty-five years have gone by. God
used, and continues to use Michael Jackson to bless my life. Like millions of
others who have been transformed by the entertainer’s singing and dance moves,
he has lifted me up beyond many trials and failures.

When I was only ten years old Thriller came out. Though anxiety and shifting moods plagued me, Michael’s magical voice lifted my spirits and lightened my heart. 

Five years later in 1987 I started my first job at Sears. Bad came out, and again I was engrossed by the music. In 1988, I saw Michael in concert, it was the only time I saw him perform live, and the show was electric. 

Like so many others, because of him I gained hope and created dreams. Michael was an example that the American Dream could be reached.
In 2003 I had a major manic episode and was in the hospital for nearly a week. My life had never been the same since. 
Now I’m the man in the mirror once again, examining my life, dreaming about the future. Bad25 has brought back a lot of good memories. I haven’t always had an easy life, but I know that so many others have had it much

Maybe you have your own memories of how Michael Jackson changed
your life. He may have been on the radio during your first date, or first dance.
Maybe his music reminds you of your first kiss. 
Perhaps you were born after his star was shining the brightest. No matter. His music will live on, always.

As for me, he was a blessing from God, and even after his passing, his music still gets me through my rough days. 
Many times he was quoted as saying that he was an instrument of nature. A radio receiver so to speak, where the music came from Heaven and he just transformed it from his senses and let it out through his singing and dancing. We all have that ability; we just have to tap into it.

I’ve learned that God doesn’t make our lives easy, because He wants us to grow stronger, to examine our lives, and to become persistent. He has a wonderful plan for us all. 

I’ve had some bad years, but I can’t do anything about them now. Yet God willing, good years are on the way. Good or bad, I will embrace them. 
Michael Jackson was a super talent, and he used his gift to help others. Count me as one person who he changed for the better. I’ve made it through hard times, and hopefully in another twenty-five years, I’ll still be here listening to Michael’s music. But if God takes my soul, I’ll be listening to Michael’s amazing voice in Heaven, and thanking the Lord always and forever.


This is your journey.

This is your time.

I know you’ve heard it all before. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is a new start, a new you. It’s the New Year, another birthday; a year older…you get the idea.

The difference with my message is I’m asking you to act on your dream, starting now.

God has given all of us free will on earth. We all have choices. I think the biggest choice comes between the two paths we can take in life.

One path is the one you were made for, the other is tempting, but is all wrong for you.

I have a question for you…are you on the right trail? The one you were made for?

Somewhere along the way you may have gotten lost, most of us do. Perhaps you started on the right course, but felt uneasy or it got too hard, and you shifted and took the path of least resistance.

Allow me to give you a nudge back in the right direction. Maybe you have some soul-searching to do to get back on track, maybe you already know which road you are going to have to take. You know if you don’t, at the end of your life you will feel resentful, angry that you didn’t do what you were meant to do.

I wrote The Journey to remind me that I need to stay on track, my path, my walk.

I wrote it for you too.

I know the right road for you won’t be an easy one to take; I know it isn’t easy for me. I stumble, fall, get up, fall, and get up again. Sometimes I am frozen with fear, and other times I am running with the wind at my back, arms wide open.

It’s not too late for you. It’s never too late, until you take your last breath.

Don’t make the same mistake I made, waiting, and waiting to take the first step. If you veer off track, try to get back on it as quickly as possible.

I promised myself a while ago that I would stick to the path I was created for. I wrote a short story called The Journey, to remind myself of what my dream was; to be an author.

It’s under four-thousand words, but it packs a big punch. At least I think so.

Maybe this post wasn’t enough to get you going in the right direction. Even if it was, I think The Journey can take you a step closer to the life you were meant to live.

If my short eBook can touch your soul, and lead you down the right path, the one you were made for, one that will help you grow to be all you can be, my writing will have done its job.

I look forward to your comments. Please click below to continue your journey.

This is your time.